How to Make Bonemeal at Home

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Sold in many plant nursery, bone meal is a common organic fertilizer consisting of coarsely ground bones, which are dried and steamed prior to crushing. It is a slow release fertilizer by providing a constant supply of phosphorus for the growth of plants during the growing season. Gardeners often employ flour to feed the bulb – born flowers and edible crops such as tomatoes. However, it is beneficial for most of the plants, regardless of the species. Do the meal at home is a project easy and is a great way to make use of the leftover bones, chicken, Turkey, and the rib.

Things that you need

  • The bones of the chicken, Turkey or beef
  • Steel wool
  • Pillowcase or another bag of cloth.
  • Hammer
  • The pressure cooker or large pot to steam insert
  • Knife
  • The rack plate or wire cooking
  • The mill of grain.
  • Protective eyewear

Collecting the bones of their meals, including bones, chicken, Turkey and cow. The bones are also available through butchers.

Boil the bones for 20 minutes, and then remove the water and allow them to cool. Rub the bones vigorously with steel wool, until all that remains of fat, meat and cartilage are removed.

Dry bones in a pillowcase or another bag of cloth. Put the bones inside and place them on a flat surface outdoors where they can receive direct sunlight for four or more hours a day.

Check the bones after a week to determine if they are completely dry. To verify if there is dry, lightly beat the bones together and hear a hollow sound. If they do not have a hollow sound, returning the bones to the bag and let them dry for more than a week.

Break the bones with a hammer. Let them in bed, and carry out the task on a concrete surface. The pieces should be no more than an inch when finished.

Place the bone fragments in a pressure cooker or pot smoking. The vapor of the bones for three hours in a pressure cooker or for five in the pot smoking. To test the cooking, drill the bone with the tip of a sharp knife. If they are ready, the knife must pierce the bones with minimal resistance.

Remove the bones of the pan and let cool on a rear sheet or wire grid before grinding them.


Place the bones in a grain mill set for a medium grind. Slowly, grind your bones to the desired consistency. Powder bone releases its phosphorus quickly, whereas the bone coarse soil releasing it over a prolonged period of time.